The Land of Reverse

A story about nine-year-old Sam who can't get to sleep. He tries everything he can think of from counting sheep to standing on his head. When pretending to sleep plunges him into a world where everything is reverse, bizarre and creatively confusing, he learns pretending is real and sleep is just a matter of letting yourself go...

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"Most books aimed at helping children sleep are written specifically for preschoolers, so Manousos ably addresses a gap in the literature by aiming his message at middle-grade kids. His advice is also on point—using your imagination. . ." Read full review

starstarstarstarstar CLARION REVIEW - by Amanda McCorquodale

"Sam's imaginative story is told through rhyming verse with simple rhymes such as "bed" and "head" or "sleep"
and "sheep." In the second half of the picture book, the refrain "Sam took a breath and he shut his eyes tight. He
thought ten miles left, and ten miles right" is repeated, giving a hypnotic singsong cadence to the story...." Read full review




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Land of Reverse

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