Sophia's Turn: Believe in Your Dreams


Sophi's Turn


On March 30, 2013, ten-year-old, Sophia Lucia - dance star, model, entrepreneur and internet sensation - stepped out onto the dance floor to attempt to beat the world record of 36 consecutive pirouettes.Little did any one guess she would far surpass 37 pirouettes and go on to achieve an outstanding 55 consecutive pirouettes, smashing the existing record and putting herself in the record books as the Spinning Queen.This is the story of how she did it.

Sophia's Turn: Believe in Your Dreams

This 32-page beautifully illustrated hard cover book is a must have for any aspiring young dancer. It is a tale of determination and hard work that leads to a dream come true for Sophia Lucia - The Spinning Queen

Written and Illustrated by Dave Manousos.
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