Thank you to all the Kickstarter backers who helped me reach my goal to self publish The Land of Reverse.

Special Thanks for Julie Morgan for her "Window Floating In Air" Contribution.


"Most books aimed at helping children sleep are written specifically for preschoolers, so Manousos ably addresses a gap in the literature by aiming his message at middle-grade kids. His advice is also on point—using your imagination. . ." Read full review


CLARION REVIEW - by Amanda McCorquodale starstarstarstarstar

"Sam's imaginative story is told through rhyming verse with simple rhymes such as "bed" and "head" or "sleep" and "sheep." In the second half of the picture book, the refrain "Sam took a breath and he shut his eyes tight. He thought ten miles left, and ten miles right" is repeated, giving a hypnotic singsong cadence to the story...." Read full review


"I read this to my young daughters at bedtime and they absolutely adored it! It made them laugh and they began chiming in whenever it came to the line "He thought ten miles left, and ten miles right". When we got done, my 8 yr old told me I needed to leave so they could shut their eyes and go play like the little boy.
It was just really cute lol. It kind of reminded me a bit of a mix of Willy Wonka and Dr. Seuss probably from the craziness and rhyming. I liked that it encourages the imagination.
 In the end I believe my kids were the best source of judgement when it came to this book and they loved it so it's in the winner column for us."  – Tara Sheehan - Goodreads starstarstarstarstar


"A really cute bedtime story for the little ones from ages I would say 3 to 6. The drawings are very busy and entertaining. The kids kept stopping me from turning the page so they could look at the pictures. The kids really enjoyed the story as well as the pictures. The story is written in rhyme. It is a very short story as well." – Teresa - Goodreads starstarstarstarstar




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Land of Reverse


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